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Reiza Simracing Bonanza!

If you’re not a hardcore simracer, you probably have never heard of Reiza Studios. They are a development team consisting of hardcore simracing enthusiasts around the world that have developed highly polished titles like Game Stock Car Extreme and Formula

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rFactor: Full Steam Ahead!

When Image Space Incorporated (ISI) contacted me to ask me to bring rFactor to Steam a few months ago, I did not have to think long about the opportunity and kindly accepted the challenge. Almost 10 years ago, the first

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Hardware Review: GT Omega Racing – Triple Monitor Stand v3

Like many simracers I started out years ago with a wheel and pedals mounted to a desk. In my case that was the Thrustmaster T2, a non-force feedback wheel with a sequential shifter mounted directly to the right of the

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History of Simracing

Over the last couple of years, on-line games have become more and more popular, and there are genres that are so popular you can even make a living out of being a player, if you’re really good. Paradoxically, on-line racing,

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