Pick the Casino Regulations Apart from Japan

Pick the Casino Regulations Apart from Japan

On 2 April,2021 the draught regulations regulating the national casino industry were issued by the Japan Casino Regulatory Commission 96cash review. The draught regulations are divided into four sections, and are available for public comments until 9 May:

  • Fundamental items of casino activity
  • Operational operations relevant items
  • Topical/multi-stage loyalty duties and internal collusion prevention measures Items
  • Casino equipment related products.
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The “social reputation” of operators (including executives) and major shareholders is part of a prerequisite in Japanese IR Development Act for casino licences. Specifically, if any connection to organised crime becomes clear 96cash online casino, any claimant operator, main shareholder, property or facilities right holder or person of power shall be excluded. The concept of social integrity refers to the possibility of illegal or unethical cash operations, e.g. in terms of enforcement of the law, social practises, economic conditions or social or economic interactions with others.

Gambling Games Types

Nine casino games and 21 different models, including table games and computer gaming machines will be permitted. The nine games are classified as baccarat, blackjack (4 types), roulette, sic bo, crabs, casino war, money-wheel, and pai gow. Well-known games like mahjong and pachinko are not included in Japan.

What is clear here, is that the RTP must be at least 90% and not exceed 100% for electronic gaming devices. This resembles Nevada, but is stronger than other Asia-Pacific regimes, such as Macao and Australia, where the RTP varies from 85% to 90%.

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Composition of Casino Complex

However, the proposed Law clarifies the exclusion of cashier/cage zones, bathrooms, halls and staircases, smoking spaces, and other areas not used for real casino operations from these calculations. Casino areas of Japanese IRs can be no more than 3% of the gross floor area of the IR facilities. It will be possible to devote quite a lot of room to the total casino area depending on the configuration.

One crucial issue is a requirement for clocks to be installed in the casino area (defined as a time display device), which is compatible with counter-measures of gambling addiction. By the way, for pachinko halls in Japan this kind of rule is not in place and there are no clock halls for pachinko.

Lights for the game floor must be 150 lux at least (about the same brightness of street lights). In the Japanese Entertainment Law, compared to pachinko halls, light should be at least 10 lux (approximately the same as film theatres before the feature), but the mean luminosity of pachinko halls must be 1,000 lux, which means too more space is needed.

Course Initiation

A My Number Card is available for Japanese and foreign nationals residing in Japan, and foreign tourists must display a passport. This allows casinos to recognise those who are not allowed to enter. With regard to patrol monitoring and security cameras, operators must “instal the newest technologies” according to the rules, which say facial recognition devices would be commonplace.

Customers at the casino can receive financial services such as money transfer, shift delivery, and loan money. These shall be regarded as “specific financial obligations.” In order to promote appropriate activities, stringent rules may be in effect.