Fruit Machines

All you need to get an idea of the fun involved is the name. However, you should not get this confused with the movie that goes by the same name or “The Fruit Machine” that was used by the Royal Canadian Mountain Police to detect gays. On the other hand, our Fruit machine is the one that you see in casino halls – the stuff that people use to try and make some quick money with their luck.

Difference Between Fruit Machines and Standard Slots

Coming to fruit machines, UK has an abundance of these; actually you can find them in almost all the 3win2u casino Thai betting casinos and parlors in UK. Although similar to the actual slot machine, there is some variation in the fact that these machines are used differently and offers some level of opportunity to use skill and pseudo skill. And the name “fruit machine” is apt because most of the original reel symbols were fruits.

Let us have a look at how a fruit machine differs from a standard slot. The most significant difference is that a standard UK fruit machine has just a single payline, whereas the slot machines have more than one paylines. You can also see some difference in price money or jackpots given away by each type. Usually, Fruit machines cap out about 500, whereas the regular Las Vegas type video slots gives its maximum jackpots in the range of thousands. The maximum payout differs based on whether the fruit machine is installed in a club or pub. Club machines usually pay up to 500, while Pub machines pay between 15 and 75. Remember, the pub machine has four reels in total (3 fruit reels and one numbered), while a club machine has five reels (four fruit reels and one numbered reel).

The dissimilarity in mindsets of the manufacturers and gamers is also a cause for the variation between slots and fruit machines. The fruit machines in UK present easy and straightforward bonuses without all the gimmicks, whereas the slots in US are parceled with confusing bonuses. Some gamers say that the major dissimilarity between the two types is that the players get some chance to control the outcome on fruit machines, whereas the game entirely depends on luck in the slots.

The Game Play in a Fruit Machine

The fruit machine is somewhat like the usual 3 reel single payline slot. As in any 3 reel slot, the reels first spin and then come to rest. The gamer gets a payout if the payline displays a winning permutation as shown in the pay table. Fruit machines also have some features that are different from the 3 reel slots. In one set of features, you will find trails and sub games where you get extra payouts. In another set of features, you find holds and nudges. With a nudge, you can rotate a reel of your choice by one step – this displays the subsequent symbol on the payline. In a hold, one of the reels is frozen and the other two are spun again. The fruit machines present recurring nudges, where the gamer can carry out an extra nudge after the initial one, and hold after a particular nudge.

The Effect of the Web on the Fruit Machine

After the arrival of the internet, we have witnessed a proliferation of online gaming websites and casino software providers. These online casinos started replicating the features in the online version of slots and hence gave rise to the online fruit machines. Today, hundreds of such slots are available for gamers worldwide who are looking for popular fruit machine casinos.