About Me

I am a Fellow at Luminis, Director at Luminis Technologies and a Member of the Apache Software Foundation.

As a software architect I have a broad experience in different operating systems, languages and applications, ranging from enterprise applications to mobile, embedded and distributed systems. For more than a decade I have been involved in lots of commercial OSGi projects and I am an expert at architecting modular systems. Luminis Technologies is the software technology division of Luminis. We develop, distribute and support a suite of innovative software components and services that enable organisations and developers to exploit the full potential of an interconnected, interoperable world.

Within the open source community I am a committer and PMC member in the Apache Felix, Apache ACE and Apache Celix projects. I also work on Bnd and Bndtools. Last but not least, I work on Amdatu, an open source community effort focussed on bringing OSGi to the cloud. It contains components to create RESTful, scalable and distributed web applications that use NoSQL data stores, transparent multi-tenancy and much more.

I regularly speak at conferences, including ApacheCon, JavaOne, EclipseCon, OSGi DevCon, FOSDEM, Devoxx, NLJUG and various local meetups, demo camps and user forums and have given several hands-on trainings on OSGi related subjects.

In my spare time I enjoy simracing. As a member of Simracing for Holland, I compete in various endurance and other leagues worldwide. Furthermore, I like photography and spending quality time with my friends. Last but not least, I love Erica and Penny!